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Motorcycle Wind Deflector


So what exactly is Wind Raptor, and what does it do? 

The WIND RAPTOR wind deflector is an after-market product designed to fit most Harley Touring Models. WIND RAPTOR is a wind deflector device designed to reduce cold, unwanted and sometimes annoying wind on the rider. The wind raptor has adjustable slides on each side to regulate wind flow. But it’s not just the slides doing the work. The entire wind raptor deflects wind. After using the wind raptor you’ll see a noticeable difference in the level of comfort you experience on your motorcycle. 

WIND RAPTOR is the perfect partner for your motorcycle journey, as it helps keep you warmer and more comfortable. The WIND RAPTOR is guaranteed to improve your overall riding experience and enjoyment.

The Result of using Wind Raptor

A more comfortable pleasant riding experience. Its ultra-thin design allows it to be mounted between the motorcycles front end and the fuel tank. It is this unique placement on the motorcycle that allows the WIND RAPTOR to redirect wind that would normally hit the rider.

When used with a properly-sized windshield you will greatly reduce the amount of cold and wind fatigue on your body, providing you more miles of riding comfort.

Best of all

You use the WIND RAPTOR on your terms! It goes on and off in seconds with no tools. It is extremely light weight and stores easily in your saddlebag. You put it on when weather conditions warrant its use. It is completely water proof and can be left on the bike in the rain. The WIND RAPTOR is great on a long trip through changing temperatures and elevations. It is also just as great if you’re cruising around town on a cool morning or night in a T-shirt. You may opt to leave your jacket at home! Little things can make a big difference. Invest in your comfort today!

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Experience The Difference

Our wind deflector protects you from wind and weather, while also working to decrease the amount of wind resistance you would otherwise feel while on your journey. This is done by deflecting the usual wind flow away from the rider, reducing the amount of wind pressure to the rider’s chest and head. 

Bike Wind Deflector no wind raptor
Bike Wind Deflector with wind raptor

As you can see, the Wind Raptor deflects the lower wind coming from below the windshield and fairing. The result: less wind on your upper body including your face, shoulders, chest, stomach, arms, and legs. This puts the rider in a calmer and warmer wind bubble. Less pulsating wind translates to a more comfortable riding experience with less fatigue on the rider.

Find Wind Deflectors to Fit Harley Touring Motorcycles

Wind Raptor Wind Deflector for Harley Touring Models

At Wind Raptor, we offer a wide range of sizes to fit most Harley Touring Motorcycles. All of our products our offered at a reasonable price, and their high quality is guaranteed.  Don’t let the wind be a bother, look through our product list below and find the perfect fit for your bike today!

*Products Not for Road Glide

wind raptor white logo

Wind Deflector/Heater for Harley Touring Bikes

Wind Raptor Guy 6 version 2
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Wind Raptor Easy Setup


The initial setup of the WIND RAPTOR should take less than 5 to 10 minutes.

You must remove the existing bolts on the front of the fuel tank and replace them with the new longer supplied bolts.

Remove the rubber cover and front fuel tank bolts with a 1/2 inch wrench or socket Then install the new bolts supplied with the WIND RAPTOR.

You are Ready to Ride!



Get on the bike to start setting it up. If you have fairing vents put them in the closed position.

Now with the front end straight, unfold the WIND RAPTOR with the caution sticker facing you. Simply slide the WIND RAPTOR between the fuel tank and the new bolts.

There are locking blocks on both sides that must go past the new bolts. Just bend the WIND RAPTOR a little to get the blocks past the bolts. You are ready to go.


To remove the WIND RAPTOR, do this in reverse. A little bend and lift it out. Fold it up and stow it in your saddlebag.

Note: If your wiring harness is keeping the blocks from going past the bolts just push down on the harness. There should be plenty of room for the harness to go down and out of the way.


Please watch our video as it will help explain the above procedure. Please follow all the safety precautions on this site and on the insert you will get with the WIND RAPTOR.

Wind Raptor Caution Sign


CAUTION: The WIND Raptor motorcycle wind Deflector/Heater is an aftermarket product designed to reduce unwanted wind on select motorcycle models.

DO NOT attempt to install this Deflector on a motorcycle it was not designed to fit. This could be dangerous and may cause Serious Injury or Death.

DO NOT attempt to install or remove the Deflector while the motorcycle is in motion, as this could result in loss of control and may cause serious injury or death.

DO NOT adjust the air flow while the motorcycle is in motion. Keep both hands on the handlebars at all times. Make sure the Deflector is installed properly as per the instructions for your model.

Wind Raptor Gallery

Our wind deflector products are guaranteed to reduce the impact of harsh winds and make your ride more comfortable. Whether it’s for a short commute, or a long haul, our wind deflectors will be perfect for keeping the pesky wind from bothering you. They’ll keep you warm, safe, and comfortable throughout your journey!

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Some Words From Our Founder

I love to ride motorcycles. I love to travel all over this beautiful country and see it in a way most people will never experience. Its a feeling of freedom that far surpasses anything I have ever felt traveling in a car or truck. However, if there is one thing I have learned in my travels, its that comfort is paramount.

If you are not comfortable, it is not fun!

If you are cold, miles can seem to drag on forever. You tense up, you squeeze the fuel tank with your knees, you hold the grips tighter, and your whole body gets very tense. You simply don’t ride as well when you’re cold.

Because of this, whenever I travel on my bike, I carry everything I can in order to be comfortable. Gloves, rain gear, sweaters, chaps and jackets, so I am ready for whatever elements that may lie ahead, but even with all this riding gear and a properly-sized windshield, I would still sometimes get too much wind and cold coming up from below my fairing. This is what led me to develop the Wind Raptor Wind Deflector.

I wanted something I could adjust as the day got warmer or colder. I also wanted something I could stow easily that didn’t take up much space in my saddlebag.

And thus, the Wind Raptor was born!

A simple light-weight device that greatly reduces the amount of wind on your body. When used with the right windshield, its the complete package! As an added bonus you will find that when the slides on the Wind Raptor are fully extended it keeps more engine heat from being blown away.

Not only does the Wind Raptor reduce the amount of wind buffeting on your face and body it can also allow more engine heat to linger around your lower body to keep you warmer.

The Wind Raptor is just one more item in your saddlebag that can contribute to a more pleasant travel experience. With the Wind Raptor you may want to ride your bike more often and travel further. So stay safe out there and stay comfy!


Felix Sapienza – Inventor of the Wind Raptor

Deflect the Wind

Give yourself a more comfortable riding experience

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